Starting a Business: Sole Trader vs Company

So you have finally decided to quit your daily job and start a business of your own. But it is not as easy as it looks, or how you expected it to turn. The first thing you need to think is whether to go on your own or share it with family members or friends for a company. Well, it won’t be an easy decision; especially if you are not yet decided on what is it that you really want. Read on the following considerations and weigh your options.

How big is your target business?

If you are eyeing for a multi-purpose business, like services, a publication, or general merchandise with several products and service offerings, then you might need more than two persons to work on with you. But it does not mean that you will declare them as co-owners of the business. There are still things you need to consider:

  • How many people are involved in the establishment of the business? When you and your friends or family members frequently gather together and put on your ideas, plans and funds for the business, then there are more people involve than yourself alone. If there is a common interest and long term goals, as well as dedication and investments for this business venture, then you can draft a proposal to your target people and ask them to join you establish the company.
  • Are you alone? If you are the only one who ventures everything, your talent, finance, effort and ideas to your business, then it is but right for you to start as a sole trader. Other people who are also involved at the start of the business can be used as initial staff members.

The type of person you are

There are people who can work harmoniously with other people. They can share ideas and make everything work out for a common benefit. These are people who can establish a business in the form of a company. However, there are also people who best perform on their own. They are not selfish individuals; they are just among the few who are best alone. Those are people who can think and decide on their own without consulting other people.

The type of business you want to establish 

As it was mentioned earlier, there are businesses so huge that you need other sets of minds, hands and eyes to make it run. These corporate-like ventures are better to be declared as a company. But if you are into a small-scale business and you are confident enough that you can make it run smoothly on your own effort, skills, and money, then you can start a business at your own.

The amount of money you need

For huge companies, you need a huge amount of money to make a start. If you have that amount to kick off, then you can establish it on your own. However, if you and your friends put all your resources and guts in a pot and decided to start a business, then it will be declared as a company.

The three major things you need to consider in whether starting as a sole trader or a company are the type of business you want to venture in, the type of businessperson you are and the amount of money you need to start.